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Fruit is healthy to eat!

Weight loss through healthy eating on the Scarsdale Diet.

You can always eat a good healthy pot pie if you practice portion control.

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Burning calories will shed pounds.

Vitamin packed salad is a great low calorie alternative.

Healthy food has so much color and vitamins.  You can always eat this on the Scarsdale Diet plan!

What is the Scarsdale Diet plan?

The Scarsdale Diet is a low calorie, low carbohydrate, and low fat weight loss dieting plan. By consuming a minimal carbohydrate diet, any person can convert their metabolism from burning carbohydrate energy into burning fat energy, including stored fats! Through decades since the inception of the Scarsdale Diet, millions of people have had incredible weight loss results when using this easy to follow lifestyle changing weight loss system. 

With the multitudes of testimonials and the wonderful praise that I personally heard from a family member, I reluctantly decided to give the Scarsdale Diet plan a try because I have failed in my weight loss struggle so many times. I have been overweight my entire life, and I was in a search for something that would truly work. This search extended into wanting to help my digestive system, attitude & self-esteem, calorie intake, and appetite.

Once on the Scarsdale Diet, I found one of the best parts is the pure simplicity of the entire dieting process.  We all have to face reality and come to an understanding of just how difficult some of these diet plans are to follow in our normal daily routines. The difference I found with this plan is that it really incorporates well with your schedule in everyday life, and is very practical and easy to use. You can follow the guidelines very easily and not feel like you are suffering during the course of losing weight.

I just can't disregard how many temptations there were on all the other diets that I attempted to lose weight with. I would simply smell something or see something and I almost felt drawn to it. The temptation process would happen so quickly that my willpower would shatter. I would find myself making excuses in my mind so that I could cheat on my diet, convincing myself that I was hungry, and eventually I would eat a snack breaking my diet. Never once did I realize that there was such an abundance of healthy alternatives to the "bad foods" that I was eating. This awful roller coaster type of dieting was what would continually lead me to disappointment time and time again. On the Scarsdale Diet, I was never tempted like this because it offered so many outstandingly delicious snacks and treats that would always satisfy food cravings that I had so often.

We dieters all have the same goals! We desire to lose weight, burn fat, improve our health, improve our metabolism, and keep the weight off. We are constantly bombarded with many temptations to break our diets, and I know I don't have to explain to you how strong some of those temptations are because I've dealt with these my entire life. When you find excellent tasting substitutions for these unhealthy junk and snack foods, it will make an amazing transformation in your health. It is vital to me that these substitution foods were delicious because I would have failed and just went back to the junk food if they were not.

Another excellent experience I had using the Scarsdale Diet plan is it keeps your hunger satisfied and truly it helped me reduce my food cravings though the day. I remember how much I would concentrate on the next snack or meal that I would be eating. I didn't understand that this was actually my body craving nutrients, rather than actually being hungry. The food was incredibly tasty on the recipes provided and I never felt hungry.

The Scarsdale Diet in an easy to use electronic book. The book is divided into 3 sections which include a maximum weight loss plan, a gradual weight loss plan, and a weight sustainment plan after you have achieved your weight loss goal. There were hundreds of recipes, dietetic snacks, brown bag lunch ideas, and it was nice because I had access to the book immediately by downloading it rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Also, there is an option to acquire a CD-ROM if you want a physical disk of the Scarsdale Diet book.

The Scarsdale Diet Really Worked for me!

I'm just trying to give you an honest testimonial of how the Scarsdale Diet plan completely changed my eating lifestyle forever. It was wonderful to finally gain control of my weight and health, and I literally feel a decade younger. I'm going to try to muster up some bravery here and share with you a personal photo of myself after being on the diet plan for 3 weeks.

Please understand this is an honest at home photo. There is no airbrushing or any type of photo editing done. All that I did was splice two digital camera photos together to show you the actual real life results of my weight loss on the Scarsdale Diet plan. I'm not a model, but just a real every day normal mom who is trying to help you. 

The Scarsdale Diet plan has amazing results.

As you can see it really did help me to lose weight. By experience, I know that I could not have lost the weight on my own as I always succumbed to all the food temptations out there. Below I'm going to put a link to the Scarsdale Diet book that I used that helped me to lose that initial weight, and I have continued to keep it off now and it's been 2 years. It's packed full of recipes and many varied ways to help you lose weight. I hope that it can help you too, because I really do feel better, and I'll let you judge if I look better from my results with the Scarsdale Diet.

A fantastic thing about the using the Scarsdale Diet plan is the very fact that it is so versatile. I was able to choose from several different method plans which the book covered, and decided to pick the fast loss plan. This was a 30 day plan, and I cheated several times by making some of the dessert recipes in other sections within the other diet methods. I loved the ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with the great selection of snacks. The weight seriously melted off and I could see day by day results. If you have ever struggled to lose weight as I have, this will be great for you! I believe it can work for anybody suffering from obesity, to just wanting to shed a couple of pounds.

The scarsdale diet ebook offers many features!
The Scarsdale Diet Ebook is great!
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The Scarsdale Diet really worked well for me and it was exciting because there were numerous free updates and support that the book would often receive. It took me on an adventure in dieting and I have been incredibly pleased with the results. I hope you'll consider trying the Scarsdale Diet Plan because I know that it will improve your health forever.

Before I tried the Scarsdale Diet Plan, I ate many of these types of unhealthy junk foods.
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